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A Mini Rumpus at Haen Family Park

Two toddlers play in the sand at Haen Family Park

Children ages 5 and under can enjoy a "Mini" Rumpus - a soft start to the regular Wild Rumpus program and specifically geared towards younger children.

There will be lots of sand and water play opportunities! Attendees are welcome to stay for the Wild Rumpus beginning at 5:00pm.

A Mini Rumpus!
Wednesdays, Jul 24 - Aug 14, 4:00-5:00pm​
Haen Family Park [7702 Tree Ln]

Jul 23, 2019

Consumer Reports Online

Consumer Reports: Make better purchasing decisions with your Library card.

Your Library card gives you immediate online access to print issues of the well-respected Consumer Reports Magazine as well as special online-only content that provides important information about choosing the best products and services available. 

Jul 23, 2019

Dungeons & Dragons Open House

Dungeons and Dragons game cards and figurines

Learn to play and get a taste of adventure! In a fantastical world full of danger, monsters, dungeons, and even the occasional dragon or two, treasure and glory await those brave and clever enough to seek it. Join a team of fellow adventurers to undertake heroic quests in the world’s greatest tabletop role-playing game. Ages 11-17.

No experience necessary! Drop in for a quick one-shot session, or help plan an epic campaign. 

Jul 23, 2019

Live Well @ Your Library

Live Well at Your Library

Wellness is not just about physical health; it’s also about having a healthy mind and relationships.

Madison Public Library can help you stay informed through our free resources and help you reach your wellness goals through our workshops by the community, for the community.

Jul 16, 2019

Media Lab

Media Lab


Mondays 2-6pm // Tuesdays 5-8 pm  //  Thursdays 5-8 pm  //  Saturdays 1-4 pm

During Open Lab we encourage individuals and small groups of all levels of experience to learn and create!

Come with an idea in mind, or try out the equipment. During this time equipment and experts are available to YOU at no cost. We have an awesome group of library staff and community members who can help you during open lab times with your projects.

Learn more about working with a particular person in the lab, or how to dive deeper into a particular subject area at madisonbubbler.org/media-lab.

Jul 8, 2019


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