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Friends of Sequoya Library Host Final Book Sales in Westgate Mall Storefront

Books and materials for sale within the Friends of Sequoya's storefront at Westgate Mall

The Friends of Sequoya Library has spent more than a decade hosting book sales in their storefront at Westgate Mall. After 11 years, the Friends will host their final book sales in the space, while continuing to explore ways to keep alive their tradition of bolstering Madison Public Library's Sequoya Library.

The Friends of Sequoya Library has held one or two book sales each month with all proceeds directly supporting the Library. While Madison's neighborhood libraries all benefit from support of their respective Friends organizations, the Sequoya Library's Friends group has been the most active and raised the most funds over the last several years.  

The closing of the Sequoya Friends' store comes as Hy-Vee begins accepting proposals for redevelopment of the Westgate Mall. The sales have brought together people from around the community who love books, music, and film. The Friends of Sequoya Library are exploring options for continuing book sales at a new location or in a new format.

Two final sales in their Westgate Mall shop are scheduled for Saturday, August 3 and Saturday, August 17 from 9:00am - 4:00pm [442 Westgate Mall]. Along with books, CDs, LPs, VHS tapes, and DVDs, the Friends will also be selling garage sale items and book store decor. The discount area will feature half-price art and an all-day bag sale.

Aug 1, 2019