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Family Memoir Workshops with Jen Rubin

Jen Rubin holding microphone

During a 90-minute workshop, Jen Rubin will discuss her process of writing a family memoir that centered around the small business her family-owned for 80 years.

Jen will talk about how to balance 3 generations, deal with thorny family issues, and how to include enough history and sociology to inform the story but not so much that the central story is overwhelmed. Jen is a skilled storyteller and brought an oral storytelling approach to her writing. This will be an interactive workshop with a mixture of presentation, storytelling, Q&A, and small group work.

Goodman South Madison Library
Tuesday, Sep 17, 6:00pm

Central Library
Thursday, Oct 24, 6:30pm
Local History Room

Jen RubinAbout Jen Rubin

Jen Rubin is a former New Yorker who leads storytelling workshops around Madison, co-produces the Moth StorySlam in Madison, teaches the occasional social policy class at the University of Wisconsin School of Social Work, and works at the Wisconsin Historical Society Press. She has recently published her first book, We Are Staying: Eighty Years in the Life of a Family, a Store, and a Neighborhood. Jen is an obsessive maker of mixed tapes and quite possibly the best challah baker in town.

Sarah WhiteRelated Events

Using Oral History in Family and Community History Projects
Thursday, Sep 26, 6:30pm
Communication Madison [2645 Milwaukee Street​]

This workshop will take place at Communication Madison, located at 2645 Milwaukee Street on Madison's East Side.

Sarah White will offer concrete suggestions for planning, organizing, and undertaking an oral history project with your family or community. Learn what is oral history, how to conduct an oral history interview, and what you can do with the interviews you collect. This two-hour session includes getting to know recording equipment available for loan from the library and practicing interviewing.

This workshop is sponsored by the Living History Project. Living History Project volunteers and anyone interested in family history and community history are encouraged to attend.

Photo Credits: Jen Rubin (top) and Sarah E. White (bottom)

Aug 27, 2019