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Dream Book Workshops

Mar 3, 2023
Dream Book Workshop at Lakeview Library with artists Lydia Diemer

Lakeview Library is hosting three art-making events led by artist Lydia Diemer. Through drawing, stamping, cutting, and pasting, we’ll explore how images, ideas, emotions, and sensations fill our daydreams and our visions of the future. Together we'll work on a collaborative community Dream Book for Lakeview Library.

Dream Book Workshops:

Draw with the Lakeview Sumi Ink Club! 

March 2, 4-6PM | Lakeview Library

Let’s dream of books. Our favorite stories and new futures. This cooperative, interactive drawing club is intended for everyone, to share, converse, and create together. Everyone is invited to make a BIG drawing for the Lakeview Library with the help of artist Lydia Diemer. Plus, our drawings will be featured on special Lakeview t-shirts, posters, and in a BIG collaborative Dream Book.

Decorate Shirts + Customize Posters

April 13, 4-5:30PM | Lakeview Library

We’re dreaming of books, from our favorites to the books we can imagine. What words are in your daydreams? When you sleep, how do your dreams grow? How might you draw your visions and imaginings? Join artist Lydia Diemer to draw, stamp, write, and create your very own Dream Book poster or t-shirt (while supplies last).

Starch-based Collage + Collaborative Book Workshop

May 4, 4-5:30PM | Lakeview Library 

We’ll make a BIG book by cutting and pasting our dreams together. Led by artist Lydia Diemer, we’ll learn a little about paste and collage, and view some books in the library for context and inspiration. Collectively, we’ll arrange and juxtapose imagery to assemble the Lakeview Dream Book.