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Cookbook Clubs

Cookbook Clubs CIO

Want to connect with fellow cookbook enthusiasts, share recipes, and find inspiration?

Take part in one of these cookbook clubs at Lakeview and Meadowridge Libraries!

Choose a recipe to make and share at each meeting. Cookbooks will be available to check out at the respective libraries. Registration may be required.

Meadowridge Cookbook Club: Vegan Recipes by Kristy Turner
Wednesday, April 3, 6:00-7:30pm - Meadowridge Library

Take part in Meadowridge's first cookbook club! This month's theme is vegan recipes by the author, Kristy Turner. Choose a recipe to make and share at the meeting. We will have some books available at the library and one copy at the checkout desk so you can make a copy of a recipe to make. Recipes can also be found online at http://keepinitkind.com/recipes. Register online, in person, or call 288-6160.

Lakeview Library Cookbook Book Club: Japanese Food
May 14, 6:00-7:00pm - Lakeview Library

Pick out a recipe from a Japanese cookbook (or use your own recipe) and make a dish to share at this community gathering. The Lakeview Library will have Japanese cookbooks on display beginning May 1. Tableware and refreshments will be provided by the Lakeview Library and Willy Street Co-op.

These events are funded in part by a grant from CUNA Mutual Foundation.

Mar 18, 2019