Come on Down to Lovey Town

Lovey Town

Be immersed in art! Beginning in October, you're invited to collaborate on a communal exhibition in the Bubbler Room with Artist-in-Residence, Lovey Town

Founded in 2013 by artist Michael Velliquette, Lovey Town is a miniature, mobile project space dedicated to the exhibition of small original artworks. Artists participate in the exhibition with their works, and in the form of paper cutouts made from their photographs. Lovey Town exists in multiple formats—through online photographic documentation, in print publications, as a physical exhibition space, and as a social practice where artists and audiences participate in the creation of a sculptural community.

During Lovey Town’s October residency, you will create your own small-scale artwork to hang in the Lovey Town Bubbler Room exhibition. You can even have your picture taken to be made into a photographic paper doll, which will stand in the gallery next to your tiny masterpiece.

The library will provide mixed media art supplies, and you will be able to take home your artwork and paper dolls at the end of the October exhibition.

To participate in Lovey Town, you can attend a drop-in studio workshops with the Artist-in-Residence. Supplies and instructions will be available throughout the month of October whenever the Bubbler Room is open for those who cannot attend a workshop session.

Lovey Town

Drop-in Studio Times WITH Artist-in-Residence

Friday, October 6 from 6-10pm in the Bubbler Room throughout Gallery Night
Wednesday, October 11 from 6-8pm in the Bubbler Room
Saturday, October 11-2pm in the Bubbler Room
Wednesday, October 18 from 6-8pm in the Bubbler Room
Wednesday, October 25 from 6-8pm in the Bubbler Room
Saturday, October 28 11-2pm in the Bubbler Room

For more information, visit the Bubbler website.

The Bubbler's foundational Artist-in-Residence program connecting artists to the community and the community to artists is funded by Scooter Software, Inc. ​