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Bubblerarian Rob Dz Featured on the Libraries in Bloom Podcast

Rob DZ featured on Libraries in Bloom podcast

“Through the mentorship program I try to share that libraries can be cool places. Knowledge is cool. So that’s the one hope that I always try to get across is that learning is cool.” – Rob Franklin

One of our favorite Bubblerarians Rob Dz was featured recently on the Libraries in Bloom podcast where he talked about music, empowering the next generation of makers and the changing landscape of the library. And, of course, he lets the hosts in on what it really means to be a Bubblerarian. 

Rob has been working in The Bubbler at the Madison Public Library for the past five years as the Media Projects Bubblerarian. He uses his hip hop and jazz musical expertise and vocals to help teach classes on audio recording and music production in The Bubbler's media lab. It is Rob’s passion to build a sustainable music ecosystem and a more inclusive Madison through the arts and culture. Listen to the podcast, to learn more about Rob's work as a bubblerarian and his thoughts on the importance of equal access and representation.

About Libraries in Bloom

Libraries in Bloom is dedicated to highlighting narratives of nontraditional librarianship as told by library professionals from culturally diverse backgrounds. Nontraditional library positions or services involve innovative and sustainable processes of adapting libraries to meet their community needs in the 21st century. The podcast captures the many ways in which libraries are blooming, impacting the environment around them.

Mar 25, 2021