Art at Sequoya: Ayo Obuseh Photography

Art at Sequoya

A collection of photographs by Dr. Francis Ayo Obuseh are on display at Sequoya Library from January and February.

Ayo Obuseh is an American, born in Nigeria, West Africa. He moved onto being a professional photographer after several years working internationally as a US soldier and as an International Health Specialist/Infectious disease epidemiologist. 

Ayo Obuseh's African background brings a certain style and feel to his photos. He likes the rural elements as well as the frontal perspectives. Typically one can find glamorous photographs of families, wild animals in their natural habitat and serene picturesque environments. His photographs of lakes and ancient structures overlaying vibrant skies blast their way off the pages with explosive colors. As part of his photographic collage, one may also find sepia infused works that resonate with an essence of nostalgia.

His photographs has been featured by Africa Geographic on numerous occasions and US Air force. All pictures displayed were taken during military deployment.

You can see more photographs from Dr. Francis Ayo Obuseh on his Facebook page

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