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Art at Ashman: Library Portraits

Library Portraits CIO

Stop by Alicia Ashman Library during March and April to enjoy the Library Portraits exhibit by artist Emily Rosenthal.

The display will feature portraits of Madison Public Library librarians and their favorite authors using digital mediums.

About Emily Rosenthal

Emily wanted to use her illustration skills to capture the colorful characters at her local library. The medium was entirely digital for this project – an iPad and a painting app called Procreate. 

Digital is Emily's go-to these days, but she also loves using traditional media like watercolor and pen and ink. While in college studying Biological/Pre-Medical Illustration at Iowa State University, she had to master traditional tools before she could use computers. She feels there's nothing like the smell and scratchiness of a freshly-sharpened pencil but is also a big fan of the “undo” button on her iPad.

When Emily's not sipping tea and making art in her Middleton studio, you can usually find her playing outside or teaching at Apple Hilldale. She loves planning road trips, and her last big adventure was backpacking in Glacier National Park.

You can see Emily Rosenthal's work at Alicia Ashman Library from March-April.

Website: www.emily-rosenthal.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/aka_whipper

Feb 25, 2019