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Art at Ashman: Epic Campus and Madison

HPB Art Show 2018 CIO

The "Epic Campus and Madison" art show focuses on Madison with a new interest in the Epic Systems Corporation Campus.

Artist Paul Briskey explains, "The campus at Epic has many fascinatingly themed buildings and interiors. Along with this, Epic was chosen as a subject because of their effect on the economy of Madison - being a billion dollar a year company and how they literally bring people from all over the world to Madison to learn their software and visit Madison. Overall though, they have an artistically impressive campus that is deserving of an artist's attention."

Briskey's "Epic Campus and Madison" exhibit will be on display at Alicia Ashman Library from November through December.

About the Artist

Paul Briskey is a local artist with a history of living and traveling worldwide. His style is whimsical, spontaneous, and impressionistic. For the last 15 years, the main focus of Briskey's art has been of Madison and Wisconsin. He says, "Paint what you love. I paint Madison."

Briskey's art has been influenced by his background and training. He was born in Madison, grew up in south New Jersey, and attended high school in Oregon. Between his junior and senior years in high school, Briskey rode a bicycle across the United States (4200 miles). This experience enlightened a love of this country and expanded an appreciation of nature through all the miles rode and all the sunrises and sunsets witnessed.

The next few chapters of Briskey's life and artistic growth are associated with obtaining a BS in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin, working with Vietnamese refugees, and living in the Middle Eastern country of Kuwait. Since then, Briskey has lived in central New Jersey and obtained a Masters in Education from Monmouth University. He moved back to Madison, the city he loves, 15 years ago.

Paul Briskey's art work is available year-round at Milward and Farrell Fine Art on Monroe Street and Zazen Gallery in Paoli.

Oct 23, 2018