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Announcing the 2020 Artists-in-Residence

Alanna Stapleton

The Bubbler is excited to share their upcoming Artists-in-Residence for the 2020 year! Each of these residents will be with us for two months of learning, sharing, and creating.

Check out each artist's website to learn more about their work and stay tuned for their new adventures in Central Library's Bubbler Room!

Megan SchefferNovember/December 2019: Megan Scheffer

Megan’s sculptural and installation work is breathtaking. Visit us in November to see how she transforms the Bubbler’s space while exploring concepts of stigma around mental health. 

Artwork by Alanna StapletonJanuary/February 2020: Alanna Stapleton

Alanna loves to focus on the process of her art (embroidery, zine-making, illustration) - not just an end result, but the beauty and whimsy in how she gets there. We cannot wait to see where her residency will take us!

Chroma Press March/April 2020: Chroma Press

Bring on the zines! Chroma’s residency mission is to bring the art of printmaking and publishing to a broader audience. We’re delighted to host Chroma leading up to Madison’s 7th annual Zine Fest - Print & Resist. 

Art by Hellen AscoliMay/June 2020: Hellen Ascoli

Hellen’s work as a weaver is a meditative craft exploring the connections between the natural world, self, and a sense of home. A new Madisonian, Hellen has used her work to embrace a new natural landscape. We cannot wait to welcome her to our Bubbler home. 

Rebecca VickersJuly/August 2020: Rebecca Vickers

Rebecca is a collector - whose art is the result of a sustained collaboration with both the environment she works in, as well as the inhabitants of a space. We look forward to seeing what she collects throughout her residency in the Bubbler collects and what we can learn about our space. 

Ashley LussiettoSeptember/October 2020: Ashley Lusietto

Ashley makes stories come to life with her large scale puppets, murals, and comics often reflecting her “alter egos.” We’re ready for some BIG fun in Bubbler land with these collaborative creations.

Jeremy WinebergNovember/December 2020: Jeremy Wineberg

Jeremy’s main residency goal will be exposing the Bubbler public to surrealist strategies for creative production. “In the increasingly strange times we find ourselves in, surrealist strategies and engagement give us a way to be in the world and appreciate it without making sense of it.” We don’t have to know what it means to already love it! 

Learn more about the Bubbler at Central Library

Sep 26, 2019