Zombie in love

A review of Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

What will the inevitable zombie apocalypse look like? How will it happen? How will humanity--the Living--survive? How does it feel be be a zombie? And how--in this post-apocalyptic world-- would a zombie find love? That last question has never, in all my feverish wonderings, occurred to me. And yet, I give you...Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion.

The main protagonist of our story is a zombie. You got it, a flesh-eating, brain-chomping, reeking member of the undead, or the Dead, in this case, who's forgotten all but the first letter of his name. While on a hunting trip to the City--cue blood, gore, and brains--R finds Julie. With her boyfriend's brain and memories still fresh on his lips and mind, he saves her instead of following his baser, inhuman instincts. This single act propels the story forward.

Weaving in thoughts on reality, glimpses into a possible dystopian future and a rather remarkable love story between a human girl and a flesh-eating zombie, Marion brings a thought-provoking, action-packed zombie story with a better protagonist than recent much maligned sagas. I'd recommend this for someone who liked Shaun of the Dead, but with a little more heart. 


I am so happy that you reviewed this, Tina!  This is on my shortlist to read, now.