Wrapping it up

A review of Losing Clementine by Ashley Ream

Mental health issues affect millions of families and the recent death of celebrity Robin Williams brought the issue of suicide into the media spotlight and much needed awareness to the realities of living with depression. There are many ways to explore and talk about this issue, including bibliotherapy, which means reading a book about the subject to prompt discussion. Losing Clementine gives you that opportunity.

Clementine Pritchard is a renowned L.A. artist and is planning to die. Like in 30 days. She is wrapping up her relationships, finding someone to take care of her cat Chuckles and has just fired her assistant Jenny which didn’t go very well. Why does Clementine want to end her life? It may have something to do with her dramatic past which includes a runaway father and a family tragedy that took the life of her mother and sister. Clementine is a blunt, witty and determined character. Ream does an outstanding job of describing the life of this eccentric artist who is completely focused on how to end her life. My favorite part of the book was reading how Clementine tracks down her deadbeat father with Nancy Drew like sleuthing which brings her to a very surprising revelation about her father and his new family. 

This would be an excellent choice for a book group that wanted to explore these issues and enjoy a good story at the same time. The ending in particular will generate some great discussion.


Bonus, the author is now local!

Thanks for this review, Katharine.  I'm adding this to my TBR list for 2015.