Who's zooming who?

A review of The Last Mrs. Parrish by Liv Constantine

Love this one. I'll just start with that. I've grown a bit weary of the unreliable narrator domestic suspense subgenre of thrillers lately. Still some great ones coming out (The Breakdown, The Marriage Pact to name a couple), but more and more often I find them a bit of a slog. That's why this one was such a nice surprise. It's a domestic thriller, but doesn't rely on the unreliable narrator (though not every character knows what they think they know of course).

Amber Paterson grew up poor and is tired of the struggle of a day-to-day job. So she begins to plan. She is going to marry a rich man. The only problem with her plan? The man she's picked, Jackson Parrish, is already married to Daphne. But that is no obstacle as far as Amber is concerned. The first step in her plan? Befriend Daphne and worm her way into the family's life. All with the goal of getting to Jackson. Sure she feels an occasional pang of guilt, since Daphne has been so kind to her, but her end goal is truly all that matters. She wants the perfect life and marriage that Daphne has and will go to any means necessary to achieve her goal.

The first half of the novel is told from Amber's point of view, and though she's a schemer and pretty cold-blooded in her plans, the author does make this anti-heroine's choices understandable (and dare I say, a smidge relatable). But even as Amber is working her machiavellian ways, you begin to maybe suspect that not all is as it seems in the marriage and life she's hoping to usurp. The second half of the novel is told from Daphne's point of view and there are some major twists along the way. I'm going to leave it there because I don't want to spoil it, but great stuff.

So I'll say again, loved it. You should read it.