What species are you?

Book cover
Taxonomy of Readers

Laura E. Kelly has created a taxonomy of readers and designed a fun infographic to go with it. She says about her idea, "The fun, appropriately wordy infographic...is my homage to the classic Linnaean classification charts of plants and living things. In this case, we’re describing and classifying close to 50 reader species—from the folks who see books as precious display objects to those who sort of hate reading. You’ll definitely see yourself (The Kindle Convert?) and a few of your friends (The Book Thief? The Bathroom Reader?) on this chart. And don’t be surprised if you find you’re a cross-species mutt—true book lovers are very wide-ranging in their genetic makeup!"

I'm a Compulsive Book Cherisher with Free Range tendencies. How about you?


I think I'm more of a hoarder/omni-comfort reader... Let's go with "It's complicated" ... Who wants to be categorized anyway?