What happens when a tiger lets loose?

A review of Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger leads a proper life in his small town. He goes to proper tea parties, carries on proper conversations and keeps his proper suit and top hat on all very properly. But something is missing.  One day, Mr. Tiger tries walking on all fours. Then he starts to roar. And finally, off comes the proper suit and top hat. It’s all too much for Mr. Tiger’s fellow townspeople, who ask that if Mr. Tiger must act wild, would he please do so in the wilderness? But while he can go completely wild in the wilderness, Mr. Tiger starts to miss his friends. And while he’s been gone, some things have started to change in town, maybe for the better…maybe even a little wilder.

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild, author/illustrator Peter Brown’s latest picture book, progresses from gray tones to vibrant greens and oranges as Mr. Tiger discovers how it’s okay to break some rules and be himself—and go a little wild. Brown’s depiction of vaguely Victorian outfits in sepia tones for his proper townsfolk in contrast to Mr. Tiger’s brilliant orange and priceless expressions wryly portrays Mr. Tiger’s situation, and the vaguely sixties styled figures add to the visual fun. Author of previous winning titles Children Make Terrible Pets and The Flight of the Dodo, Brown once again adds to the growing field of contemporary, artful classics in children’s literature, sure to be a hit with both parents and preschoolers.  


I love this book!  Not only will preschoolers enjoy this but older children as well.  I read this to a group of 3rd graders who really loved roaring along with Mr. Tiger when he begins acting wild.  We discussed their favorite ways of going wild and the importance of doing so once in a while.

I love this, too! Such a great way to showcase being a free spirit!

This one's a strong contender for Caldecott Gold.