Weddings, cake, and other disappointments

A review of I Was Told There'd Be Cake by Sloane Crosley

I'd been underwhelmed by Sloane Crosley's book I Was Told There'd Be Cake: Essays, and was all ready to return it to the library.  But then, for some reason, I decided to read one last essay, and settled on the one titled "You On a Stick."

First, I have to ask: any women out there who have been in weddings that they didn't particularly want to be in?  Ever attended a horrible bachelorette party where the mothers of the happy couple tried to act young and inappropriate with gag gifts, lingerie, and "naughty" pastries?  (If you haven't: it's horrible.)  Ever come up against a friend who was being a total Bridezilla, and then made it worse by telling you how she WASN'T being a Bridezilla?

Then you are ready for Sloane Crosley's* essay "You On a Stick."  Even if it's the only essay in this book you read, you'll have gotten your money's worth. 

*Plus, you kind of have to like a woman who is proud of having written the cover story for the worst-selling issue of Maxim magazine ever.


I had high hopes for this book based on a review I'd read but mainly--what a fabuous title! But after reading a few of the essays, really, not so much. Now I'll go retrieve it from where I tossed it over my shoulder to read You on a Stick"". Thanks for validating my reaction and for saving me some time."

I was excited about this book too, terrymc, great title and fun cover. What a disappointment to start all the essays and not want to finish most of them! Anyway, I'm always glad to be of validatin' and time-savin' use!