We all need a little kindness

A review of Raggedy Ann Stories by Johnny Gruelle

Are you familiar with Raggedy Ann? She's a gentle rag doll with red yarn hair and a sweet smile. It's believed that her sweetness comes from the "I LOVE YOU" candy heart that lives inside her stuffing. That just makes me melt. I mean, really.

This charming classic includes all of the original Raggedy Ann stories in which Raggedy comes to live in Marcella's nursery and leads the charge of dollies into the pantry and on many other adventures. My personal favorites include Raggedy Ann Learns a Lesson (in which Raggedy and the others sneak into the pantry for a late night snack), Raggedy Ann and the Strange Dolls (kindness pays), Raggedy Ann and the Fairies' Gift (a baby!) and Raggedy Ann and the Chickens (be careful around the chickens. They like to scratch).

I had my own Raggedy Ann doll when I was small and it's endearing to see how well these stories have aged since 1918.  Striving to be a good, kind leader never goes out of style and watching a mismatched group of dollies get it right under the guidance of Raggedy is downright inspiring.