Vampires and werewolves and elves, oh my!

A review of Moon Called by Patricia Briggs

As a longtime fan of contemporary urban fantasy I’m thrilled with the recent surge in the genre.  In tone and content the new entries fall somewhere between Laurell K. Hamilton’s Anita Blake series and an old favorite of mine, War for the Oaks by Emma Bull.  Though Anita Blake is the toughest of the tough gal protagonists, lately she’s got some worthy successors.  In Moon Called by Patricia Briggs a shape-shifting mechanic finds herself pulled into the dangerous realm of werewolf politics.  A young werewolf has turned up on her doorstep and Mercy Thompson tries to hand him off to the local pack.  An impossible effort complicated by power plays and murder.  In Wen Spencer's very imaginative book, Tinker is the title character.  She is a young genius who lives in a Pittsburg that shifts dimensions to another world once a month.  When Tinker saves the life of an elf she is forced out of her safe haven and into Elf/human politics.  Mercy and Tinker are smart and resourceful.  Check them out (pun intended!).


I am a big fan of Ms. Brigg's and I highly recommend this book, as well as her other stories. A well-crafted story with a tough and amusing protagonist. The story line moves well; I only wish it was longer. Ms. Briggs has mastered the art of duology so hopefully we we see another book about Mercy in the near (write as fast as you can, Patty!) future.

I just finished Moon Called and it was so good that I picked it up and read it straight through. I had to take a break though before I start the second book Blood Bound but I cant wait to go back to Mercy's world and see what trouble she can get into with Vampires instead of werewolves.

Glad you liked it. Have you tried the Sookie Stackhouse books by Charlaine Harris? If you haven't, I'd definitely recommend Dead Until Dark.

I read both Moon Called and Blood Bound and i think they both rocked .....I hope Patricia Briggs writes more on Mercy and her werewolf and vampire counterpats.

According to her website the third book, Iron Kissed, is off to the editor, yay!