A unique unicorn of children's music

Always Be a Unicorn
A review of Always Be a Unicorn by Helen Austin

If the Ditty Bops ever start looking for a third band member, Helen Austin would be perfect for the job. Like their music, hers is twinkly-smooth and happy, even the slow songs. Her lyrics are delightfully whimsical (the title song quips, “Always be yourself/but if you can be a unicorn/always be a unicorn”) and the tunes are so catchy you’ll easily begin to sing along, even on the first or second time hearing the album. And yet, despite their apparent simplicity, the songs stay fresh even after repeated listenings. The songs are all unique enough to never bore the ear, but are similar enough to weave together into a well-blended collection. Sweet, but never saccharine, with smooth harmonies, this recording is one of my favorite discoveries.


This album is awesome! Its Unicorn Thinks He's So Great in song form.