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Book reviews by library staff and guest contributors

I wouldn't trust any of the teachers at this school

Cover of The Teacher
A review of The Teacher by Frieda McFadden

I felt like shrieking more than a few times while reading The Teacher. Here's the deal: there's a student at Caseham High who was involved with a teacher last year in a way that drew suspicion from parents, other teachers, and administrators at the school. Nobody seems to know what happened, but the teacher resigned in disgrace and the student, Addie, earned a reputation for being troubled. It's not clear if Addie is truly troubled or if she's a victim of circumstance. What is clear is that she's a school pariah and being bullied by mean girls.

Mar 28, 2024

With a little heart

Cover of When Grumpy Met Sunshine
A review of When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein

I have mentioned in the past how I enjoy the grumpy/sunshine trope in romances (or really any genre), so how could I resist a book titled When Grumpy Met Sunshine? It's all right there in the title. Add to that the hero is an ornery ex-footballer (soccer player on our side of the pond) who bears more than a bit of a resemblance to Roy on Ted Lasso (looks and personality) and the heroine is a sunny, but competent, ghostwriter? I'm in. And I'm so glad I was. This is a heartwarming read with likable protagonists in a funny, sometimes bittersweet, story.

Mar 26, 2024

Being the biggest girl

Cover of Wish Soup: A Celebration o
A review of Wish Soup: A Celebration of Seollal by Junghwa Park

It's Seollal (Lunar New Year), and Sohee can't wait to prove how much of an eonni (big girl) she is! To celebrate Seollal, everyone eats tteokguk, a delicious soup. For every bowl one eats, they get a year older, and Sohee wants to eat as many bowls as she can! But as she helps prepare for the celebration, responsibilities keep getting in the way of eating her delicious tteokguk. This fun book includes a recipe at the end for how to make tteokguk.

Mar 22, 2024

Darker side of Provence

Cover of Murderous Mistral
A review of Murderous Mistral by Cay Rademacher

After an investigation into political corruption in Paris, Capitaine Roger Blanc has stepped on a few too many toes, and is transferred from Paris to the South of France far away from political power. Or is it? Blanc, now the new boy, is assigned to the new case of a burned man at the dump in what looks like a routine drug deal gone wrong. But appearances are deceiving.

Mar 21, 2024

Wonderfully imagined

Cover of Dragonfruit
A review of Dragonfruit by Makiia Lucier

Makiia Lucier wowed me a few years ago with a book I've re-read many times. Her Year of the Reaper  was set in a fully realized fantasy world and featured a flawed, but honorable, protagonist facing impossible choices with much grace and compassion. Since reading it, I've been eagerly waiting for Lucier's next. And here it is.

Mar 19, 2024


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