Sweet Anticipation for March 2017

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New Titles

We've got a double dose of Sweet Anticipation this month since we got behind over the holidays. So here are your March titles to anticipate.

March will be a busy month for science fiction and fantasy fans. Popular authors John Scalzi, Anne Bishop, Patricia Briggs, Kim Stanley Robinson AND Samantha Shannon all have new works on the way. Robinson’s novel reimagines a New York City where global has turned the streets into canals, while Scalzi’s delves even deeper into the future and humanity’s place in interstellar space. 

For fiction readers, a few new faces join more familiar ones. Wisconsin-based Nickolas Butler sets The Hearts of Men in the fictional Camp Chippewa and traces the lives of two friends over decades. Early readers have called it his best work yet.  Moshid Hamid (The Reluctant Fundamentalist) gets very timely with his story of refugees escaping a war-torn country in Exit West, scheduled for release March 7. And two debut authors who have been getting a lot of buzz make their appearance.  Darcey Bell’s domestic thriller A Simple Favor will appeal to Girl on the Train fans, while Patty Yumi Cottrell sends her New Yorker protagonist to her childhood Milwaukee home to investigate her brother’s apparent suicide in the bleak comedy Sorry to Disturb Your Peace

Two nonfiction titles are of particular interest this month. Joan Didion (The Year of Magical Thinking) offers South and West:  From a Notebook, a collection of jottings and notes that provides insight into her classic writing. Memoirist Ariel Levy chronicles how one month and a staggering loss turned everything she thought she knew about what she wanted on its head in The Rules Do Not Apply—look for this one to appeal especially to fans of Cheryl Strayed’s Wild. Happy reading!