Spring is Sprung!

A review of Wake Up! by Helen Frost

“Sun says, Wake up – come out and explore . . .“ Helen Frost’s book Wake Up! (Candlewick Press, 2017) takes a simple poem and combines it with beautiful and close-up nature photography by Rick Lieder. The reader sees baby birds peeking out of a nest, insects crawling on plants and flowers, and a tadpole in the water. All of these animals are hatching, crawling, flying, cawing – awakening! Young readers will enjoy the rhythm and rhyme of the language along with the captivating pictures. Don’t miss the back of the book that includes a little more information about each of the animals pictured! Enjoy other books by Helen Frost, such as: Step Gently Out, Among a Thousand Fireflies, Sweep up the Sun, and Monarch and Milkweed.