Sleep With Me

A review of Sleep With Me by Joanna Briscoe

Mousy Sylvie.  Unobtrusive Sylvie. Forgettable Sylvie.  But for Richard and Lelia who meet this ordinary woman at a Christmas party, Sylvie Lavigne turns out to be anything but.  In alternating chapters told in the voices of Richard and Lelia we learn about Sylvie and the effect she has on their lives. 

From happenstance meetings, anonymous snippets of a novel on Richard’s email, and secret memories from Lelia’s childhood, Sylvie insinuates herself into their lives.  At a time when Richard and Lelia should be the happiest, recently married and a baby on the way, it becomes a time of doubt and suspicion.  Sylvie is a very smart and seductive “stalker”.  We want to warn Richard and Lelia about her as we read this well written psychological and at times erotic thriller. 

Sleep With Me is my first read by English author Joanna Briscoe and I look forward to reading more of her works.


I read Sleep With Me and enjoyed the book very much. It kept my interest and I felt that I didn't always know what was going to happen next and was surprised. I will read more of Briscoe's books.