A review of Before we were Free by Julia Alvarez

From real life experiences and tragedies comes a story written by Julia Alvarez that shares the struggles for freedom in the Dominican Republic around the 1960’s. Incorporated with pieces of her own life, she writes a book about a fictional character, Anita. Just like her, Anita de la Torre was once living happily and peacefully along with her family in Latin America, but then her world gets thrown upside down when secrets start to spill and an assassination of the dictator comes into play. Separated from her family and forced into hiding, Anita is left with only a diary to keep her some sort of comfort on this long, freighting journey. This is an outstanding book that I recommend to just about everyone. It’s heart healing, yet heartbreaking, and gives you the best idea of how life was like for people living in the Dominican in those times. There are many unexpected twists to this book that anyone will enjoy. Read the book to see if Anita both physically and mentally makes it to freedom. I bet you that after you pick up the book, it will be impossible for you to set it back down.