A Pig, a Snake, and One Ornery Cow

A review of Moo by Sharon Creech

Think you know everything about cows? Think again. Take a journey into twelve-year-old Reena’s life and learn about her adventures with a particularly stubborn cow named Zora in Sharon Creech’s book, Moo.
Reena and her little brother, Luke, are so used to the city life, until they help their parents make the decision to move to Maine. In Maine, they meet an unexpected elderly lady Mrs. Falala, who sets them to work on her small farm. Follow Reena and Luke’s story as they try and survive the farm life and make friends with the not-so-friendly cow, Zora.
Written with a creative contrast of words arranged in ways that help paint pictures in your mind, Sharon Creech takes a twist in the way books are written.
So get a moooove on and start reading this book!

Review written by Isabella Gunter