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Peace and...

Cover of Charlotte and the Quiet Pl
A review of Charlotte and the Quiet Place by Deborah Sosin

Looking for a way to help your child find their own quiet place in a busy, noisy, clambering world? Charlotte and the Quiet Place by Deborah Sosin takes a gentle look at how to find quiet and peacefulness inside your own self. Charlotte, the young protagonist in the story, lives in a noisy house, a noisy neighborhood, and a noisy school. She has trouble finding one spot that’s quiet and peaceful. Then, one day while she’s walking her dog, she finds a place in nature – that’s quieter than quiet. She hears her own breathing; she hears the silence and the quiet she’s been longing for. Later on she finds that she doesn’t need to always be in that exact place to find this quiet – and discovers, instead – that she can tap into that peaceful feeling no matter where she is. This is great book for parents wanting a book on deep breathing, meditation, or helping their child find the quiet inside themselves. For other kids’ books on yoga and meditation try: The Happiest Tree, My Daddy is a Pretzel, Let's Make Yoga Magic or You Are a Lion!.

Jan 10, 2020