A new Dot on the map of concept books

A review of Dot by Patricia Intriago

Concepts such as quiet and loud, object permanence, patterns, hard and soft, heavy (bowling ball) and light (bubbles), are creatively and engagingly demonstrated in Patricia Intriago’s debut picture book, Dot. Happy dot looks like a smile, sad dot looks like a teardrop. Hurt dot has a small red dot on the surface, and in the next page the hurt dot is sporting a bandaid and the text reads, “Heal dot.” One dot is yummy (with a bite taken out of it) while the next dot tastes bad (another dot with a bite taken out sits next to the rejected bite). Simple yet sophisticated, this is a fun book to explore. If you’re looking for another creative book based on a single shape, try Perfect Square, by Michael Hall.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts on 'Dot'. I am glad you like it.

Thanks for chiming in!  I read it to my 6 1/2 year old son last night - three times! - and he had so much fun with the play on shapes.  I'll be sharing Dot with others, and waiting for your next book!