Mad for plaid

A review of Jonesy. Vol. 1 by Sam Humphries

Meet adorably angsty Jonesy! Her dad owns a donut shop called "Donut Worry, Be Happy" and Jonesy works there part-time. She's a writer of 'zines, a pop star devotee and she thinks she's charmed. Jonesy believes she makes people fall in love with each other! She tests it out on unsuspecting friends and family and discovers something big: she can't make anyone fall in love with HER. Hmmmm. Maybe not so charmed?!? Something else that must be mentioned: Jonesy's eclectic sense of style and incredible hair.

This series moves right to the top of my favorites. The "rebellious" Jonesy tries hard to remain aloof and above the typical teenage scene but her antics place her squarely in the middle of all of it. The tight, multi-generational relationships, easy pluralism and sunny colorized graphics make this comic a standout. 

I appreciate the direction Boom! Entertainment is going with comics and graphic novel series for girls and young women, including Lumberjanes, the crossover with DC Comics' Lumberjanes Gotham Academy, Goldie Vance, Bee and PuppyCat, and for older readers, Giant Days.

Also available: Jonesy Vol. 2