Kindergarten moms gone wild

Cover of Big Little Lies
A review of Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

"That doesn't sound like a school triva night," said Mrs. Patty Ponder to Marie Antoinette [her cat]. "That sounds like a riot."

So opens Liane Moriarty's new novel, Big Little Lies. The melee is happening at the Pirriwee Public School in a suburban Australian town, and before the night is over the police will be called to investigate. 

Flash back six months to orientation day for the new kindergartners and their moms. Madeline is a confident woman celebrating (mostly) her 40th birthday. Her youngest is starting kindergarten and her biggest concern is the fact that her ex-husband and his new wife also have a child starting in the class. She meets young single mom, Jane, who is new to town and desperate for her sweet son Ziggy to make new friends. Madeline takes Jane under her wing and encourages friend and fellow mom, Celeste, to befriend Jane as well. When Ziggy is accused of hitting another little girl (whose mom goes on the warpath), events begin to spiral in a very bad direction.

The weaving of the lives and stories of the school moms and their families creates suspense in events big and small. Moriarty pokes fun at the type of helicopter parenting so prevalent today, but also tells a deeply moving story about the lies people tell themselves and each other.

Great book.


Wow. Love the cover of this book.

Yes the shattered lollipop is just right.