I'm only reviewing cat comics starting now

A review of CatStronauts: Mission Moon by Drew Brockington

This debut graphic novel about a group of cat astronauts with names like Major Meowser, Waffles, Blanket and Pom Pom is ridiculously cute, clever and timely. The Earth is populated by cats (and only cats as far as I can tell) and the President meets with the World's Best Scientist to discuss how to solve the global energy crisis. The result of their influential meeting? The smartest, best prepared and most adorable space cats in the world need to journey to the moon to build a super solar power plant. Will the CatStronauts succeed in their Mission Moon and save the Earth and all catkind? Spoiler alert, I can tell you there's a second book: CatStronauts:  Race to Mars.

In book two, Race to Mars, the CatStronauts battle with three other kitty space programs. The CosmoCats, MEOW and Cookie space programs boast the world's best pilots, researchers and space navigators. The CatStronauts are falling behind because they've spent so much time in parades and at awards banquets celebrating their successful moon mission. Will they catsup and prove they are still number one? Something unexpected happens during the race to be the first cats on Mars and all of the space kitties must join paws in order to avoid catastrophe.

The cat puns abound, but the science is solid. Author and illustrator Drew Brockington attended Space Camp and his knowledge is spot-on. I loved both of these books and they're great jumping-off points for further space discussion about John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Sally Ride, Mae Jemison, the Apollo Missions and the young readers' edition of Hidden Figures, to start.

Suitable for early to middle grade independent readers and for reading aloud to all ages.