Holding the line

A review of Choosers of the Slain by James Cobb

In a previous review I mentioned how I'd been seeking out books with strong, intelligent, competent, female protagonists. Well Choosers' main character hits on all of those and she has a great, action packed story to boot.

Amanda Garrett's first naval command is the USS Cunningham, a newly designed destroyer with stealth capabilities**. She and her crew are enjoying a respite in Rio de Janeiro when all hell breaks out at the South Pole. Argentina has suddenly launched an attempt to take over the southern land mass so that it can be the sole arbiter of what happens to the natural resources (think minerals and oil) to be had there. This is a violation of an international pact, but there's no one in the vicinity to stop the takeover. No one except for the Cunningham. Amanda and her crew have to form a one ship blockade and keep the Argentinian supply ships from reaching their destination. Luckily the new ship, and its very competent Commander and crew, have a lot of tricks up their sleeve. 

This is fast-paced, well-written naval fiction with a great cast of characters. If you've enjoyed the tv show, The Last Ship, then you'll find a lot to love here. And like me you'll want to go onto the next Garrett/Cunningham adventure, Sea Strike.

**This was written in 1996 and is set in the "future" of 2006, but it holds up very well.