Great news!

A review of Good News Bad News by Jeff Mack
Good news - last week I found a new picture book that I loved and wanted to tell you about! Bad news - oops, I forgot to tell you about it. But wait, I can tell you about it right now!
With only four words, Jeff Mack has created an unforgettable adventure for two friends. What will happen when rabbit and mouse head out for a picnic? You'll have to read the book to find out! You can find Good News, Bad News at your neighborhood library (and that is very good news indeed!)
For another masterpiece spun out of a shoestring's worth of words, don't forget Emily Gravett's Orange Pear Apple Bear.


Hi Abby,

I enjoyed your review but what I really liked was that the link to your title in the catalog showed the record to the Overdrive title as well. Copies were available on Overdrive and I was able to read the whole story in my web browser. And return it quickly so the next curious reader can check it out! That was really cool!