Ghosts need their quiet places, too

A review of The Hungry Ghost of Rue Orleans by Mary Quattlebaum

Fred the ghost is happy in his leaky, creaky, dusty old house. He tends his cactus, gobbles air, and is perfectly content. But when Pierre and his daughter Marie arrive, declaring the house their new restaurant, Fred loses his quiet corner of the universe. Walls are painted, cobwebs swept away, and suddenly, Fred’s house is…CLEAN. Then came the noise. The horrible clanking of silverware and dishes disrupting Fred’s peace. After throwing a fit of ghostly proportions, sending food flying, Fred is horrified to discover that the diners enjoyed the show! He decides to leave, but is spotted by Marie, who tempts him with a new dessert, Powdered Ghost Puffs. Feeling bad, Marie fixes up a creaky, dusty room just for Fred, who decides to stay and perform a nightly Ghost Show. And maybe eat just a few Powedered Ghost Puffs. Lovely, richly colored illustrations accompany this story, sure to please any little ones who love all things spooky, but not TOO scary.