Getting graphic

100 Favorite Comics And Graphic Novels from NPR Readers

NPR has done a few Reader Polls in the past (Romance, SF/Fantasy to name a couple) and this year they decided to poll their readers for best graphic novels. They're not claiming that these are the 'best' (whatever that might mean) or 'most influential', according to them "It's a lot more personal and idiosyncratic than that, because [NPR] asked folks to name the comics they loved. That means you'll find enormously popular mainstays like Maus and Fun Home jostling for space alongside newer work that's awaiting a wider audience (Check Please, anyone?)." They got more than 7,000 nominations and winnowed down the list.

So what made the list? Everything from Nimona by Noelle Stevenson to Encyclopedia of Early Earth by Isabel Greenberg (to name a couple). Take a look at the full list here and let me know what you think? Which titles are must reads? Which are misses?


This is a pretty rad list!  I've read and loved many of these books, too.  Of course, I'm missing Lumberjanes, and anything by Sara Varon and Lucy Knisley, but the reading public has come a long way if NPR is polling folks and this is the result.