Eloise meets Nancy Drew

Cover of Goldie Vance Volume 1
A review of Goldie Vance Volume 1 by Hope Larson

Lots of mysteries crop up when you live in a hotel that has its own detective agency!

I love everything about Goldie Vance, teen detective and amateur race car driver. The setting is cool, the cast of characters is interesting and diverse and there are lots of science and history tie-ins.

Goldie lives with her dad in a fancy Florida resort in what appears to be the early 1960s. Her dad manages the place and her best friend works at the front desk. Goldie works as a valet at the resort, which is problematic given her penchant for racing. The temptation to take off in a sweet ride is often too great! Goldie's parents are not together, but amicable, and her mom works as a living mermaid. This requires specialty swimming and diving skills that will come in handy later in the series. Added to all of this is the detective agency with more than a few mysteries to solve.

I'm going to hand it to the publisher BOOM!Box, for making their comic books and graphic novels as inclusive and gender friendly as possible. 

There are four Goldie Vance collections planned, and the library has the first three: