Crafting is a super power

A review of The Amazing Crafty Cat by Charise Mericle Harper

Do you love cuteness, crafting, cats, pandas and birthdays? Any or all of these things? Well, have I got a book for you!

A super cute and clever little girl named Birdie (it just gets cuter by the minute) is celebrating her "Birthday Break" at school with handcrafted panda cupcakes. Then something terrible happens, or a couple of terrible things happen, and Birdie's alter-ego, "Crafty Cat" must save the day. I applaud the way Birdie goes with the flow when accidents happen. She's upset, but doesn't fall apart, and is understanding when well-intentioned adults who are "helping" make things worse. Birdie thinks "Crafty Cat" saves the day, but the reader knows that ingenuity saves the day. Birdie keeps her wits about her and that is what is amazing to me. I do not think I would have behaved as gracefully as she does if I'd had a similar birthday fiasco!

This graphic novel includes six easy projects for panda cupcakes, a panda hair clip, pencil topper and more. The projects are realistic and use accessible materials. There's also a snack that involves cottage cheese and black olives for those with bold taste palates.

Young readers may know the author for her Fashion Kitty and Just Grace series.