Bok! Bok! Read!

A review of Kung Pow Chicken: Let's Get Cracking! by Cyndi Marko

I’ll be perfectly honest: I needed a break from Captain Underpants and all of the hilarious scatological references that are so appealing to the school-aged boy at my house. Someone recommended Kung Pow Chicken as an adequate substitute, so I jumped on it and eagerly checked out all four books from the library. They. Were. A. Hit.   

Kung Pow Chicken is a second grader named Gordon Blue who transforms himself into a superhero who fights crime in the city of Fowladelphia. In the first book, Let's Get Cracking, Kung Pow Chicken and his sidekick Egg Drop (Gordon's little brother Benny) battle Granny Goosebumps. She has terrorized the avian community by feeding them cookies that cause their feathers to fall out. Why is she doing that? To force the chickens to purchase extremely expensive and itchy wool sweaters. Scandalous. Who can't relate to this kind of terrorism?

Also in this series:

Bok! Bok! Boom! - Dr. Screech chicknaps Miss Honey Comb, the star of the opera.

The Birdy Snatchers - Evil free-range zombie chickens try to take over Fowladelphia.

Heroes on the Side - Egg Drop attends a superhero sidekick convention in New Yolk City.

This series is part of Scholastic's early chapter book line called Branches aimed at helping newly independent readers grow. The text is easy-to-read, the illustrations are full-color, the puns are plentiful, and the content high-interest.

An added bonus:  the books are perfectly made for reading with two voices. One adult plus one young reader. I got to be Kung Pow Chicken and my young reader was Egg Drop. It was bok! bok! boom!