Beware: this book will make you crave PIE!

A review of Pie by Sarah Weeks

Alice’s beloved Aunt Polly made amazing pies. She loved to bake them so much that she opened up a pie shop and gave the pies away for free! Everyone in town had a favorite flavor of Polly’s pies, and as word of them spread, people traveled from all over to taste her renowned baking. Sadly, Aunt Polly dies unexpectedly and perplexes everyone by leaving her secret pie crust recipe to her cat, Lardo. Her will also bequeaths Lardo himself (a rather grumpy cat) to her favorite niece, Alice. How do you leave a recipe to a cat? Who took the key that Aunt Polly always wore around her neck? And, most importantly, will anyone ever be able to bake a pie that will compare to the ones she so generously gave away in her shop? Read the book to learn the answers to all these questions, plus discover some fantastic recipes for pie (including Peanut Butter Raspberry Cream Pie) in this sweet mystery.