Beach reads start today, I'm calling it

A review of Alex, Approximatley by Jenn Bennett

Cute, cute. This book is a perfect poolside/sandy-beach/lazing-on-your-friend's-back-patio-when-you're-supposed-to-be-mowing-the-lawn read. Is it too early for that? In my case, it was a first-nice-week-of-spring-thrilled-to-have-the-windows-open-what-do-mean-my-dishes-are-piled-up-there-is-a-BREEZE-through-my-CURTAINS-and-these-fictional-teenagers-are-in-LOVE read. 

Quick, sweet, and delightfully non-taxing, this YA homage to Norah Ephron's You've Got Mail, tells the story of two teenage film buffs that meet and flirt on a classic films message board, not realizing that they're falling for each other in real life. It's a tale as old as time (re: time-worn romance trope), but there is a reason it keeps getting recycled; when it's well done, it's about the sweetest thing you've ever read. 

This book is summer-- young lovers with otherworldly chemistry, boardwalks, summer jobs at a tourist attraction, surfers, and family drama that is just grim enough to get some traction, but not so grim that it ruins the vibe. I stayed up too late reading this. I would do it again.