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Modern day courting like Jane Austen

Cover of That Can Be Arranged: A Mu
A review of That Can Be Arranged: A Muslim Love Story by Huda Fahmy

This is a sweet, authentic, and sublimely nerdy look at popular cartoonist Huda Fahmy's single life, courtship and marriage to the man of her dreams. By her mid-twenties Huda was considered hopelessly over-the-hill by many in her circle of friends and family. She felt pressured and discouraged, but not completely downhearted.

Jun 21, 2022

Crazy Rich Asians meets Princess Diaries

Cover of Tokyo Ever After
A review of Tokyo Ever After by Emiko Jean

Izumi lives in northern California with her single mother and behaves the same way so many high school seniors do: she hangs out with friends, they obsess over love interests, pancakes, style, and their present and future potential. Izzy, as she's known to her friends, has never met her father and doesn't even know his full name. She knows he's Japanese and went to Harvard with her mother but not much more. After some internet sleuthing to find likely candidates an exciting truth is uncovered: Izzy's dad is the Crown Prince of Japan.  

Jun 8, 2022

30 takes on the talk

Cover of The Talk: Conversations ab
A review of The Talk: Conversations about Race, Love & Truth by Wade Hudson and Cheryl Willis Hudson

Thirty award-winning authors and illustrators share stories and discussions about "the talk" - the conversations they have with their children about race and racism, identity, and self-esteem. For some parents it's a way to prepare their kids, for others it's a way to protect them, for still others it's a way to explain. All of the talks and the reasons for the talk are varied, just like humans are varied. 

May 19, 2022

I'd stay at this place in a heartbeat

Cover of The Paris Apartment
A review of The Paris Apartment by Lucy Foley

Yes, something fishy is going on at the Paris apartment when Jess arrives to stay with her brother Ben. There's no way that Ben can afford to stay at the lavish building on his salary as a journalist. And how do the two young students on the fourth floor pay rent? And why do the inhabitants of the penthouse apartment insist the other residents attend their fancy wine parties? It doesn't add up. Not to mention, Ben is missing. Jess spoke with him on the phone before her arrival and now he's nowhere to be found.   

May 12, 2022

White elephant magic

Cover of Marshmallow and Jordan
A review of Marshmallow and Jordan by Alina Chau

This middle grade graphic novel set in Indonesia will pull at your heart strings. Jordan (named after Michael Jordan) shoots hoops like no one else at Kahawaii Multicultural School. A former star player on the basketball team, she's now the Captain after an accident leaves her paralyzed and unable to play on the team as before. Jordan misses playing basketball but remains upbeat and runs practices, attends games, and remains an integral part of the team.

May 4, 2022

The novel that was meant to be

Cover of The Man Who Lived Undergro
A review of The Man Who Lived Underground: A Novel by Richard Wright

This novel is a spectacular case of righting a decades-old wrong in publishing. Richard Wright wrote The Man Who Lived Underground nearly 80 years ago and it was partially published as a short story. Wright believed it to be his most authentic work and desired to have the novel published in its entirety. This did not happen during his lifetime but thanks to the Library of America and Penguin Random House, readers have access to the full work as well as an essay that provides essential background information called "Memories of My Grandmother."

Apr 26, 2022

Reading that sparkles

Cover of Bunbun and Bonbon
A review of Bunbun and Bonbon by Jess Keating

Adorable Bunbun looks for a friend and finds the perfect companion in sugary Bonbon. They have a lot in common including their ability to hop, their positive outlook on life and their love of all things fancy. Their adventures include picnics, wearing costumes, eating donuts and super sparkly fun times meeting new friends. There's no limit to the kindness and helpful ways of this vibrant duo and I hope they star in many more books. For now, there are three:

Apr 11, 2022

Summer in Japan

Cover of Temple Alley Summer
A review of Temple Alley Summer by Sachiko Kashiwaba

Temple Alley Summer is full of mystery, history, and ghosts. Kazu's summer project is to learn more about his neighborhood, Temple Alley, named for the former Kimyo Temple located where Kazu's house currently stands. An old legend claims that the temple has the power to bring the dead back to life. A girl named Akari suddenly appears in the alley and Kazu starts to wonder if the legend is more than a story. 

Mar 30, 2022

High school is a killer

Cover of Cold
A review of Cold by Mariko Tamaki

Seriously. In this young adult novel, high school is the worst. Todd Mayer has died and no one at his school will answer any questions or admit to knowing him when the police investigate. Things are not right, that's for sure. Georgia's brother goes to school with Todd and is in the same grade, even, and won't acknowledge that he knows Todd. So what's up?

Mar 21, 2022

In through the nose, out through the mouth

Cover of Ain't Burned All the Brigh
A review of Ain't Burned All the Bright by Jason Reynolds and Jason Griffin

This book is described as a smash-up of art and text that captures 2020 and what it was like to be black during the COVID-19 lockdown and racial unrest and protests. It is incredible:  painful, powerful, and beautiful. Told in three sections called Breath One, Breath Two and Breath Three, I viewed the book as illustrated poetry with the parts representing the past, present and future.

Mar 9, 2022