This ain't your mother's exorcist...

A review of The Devil You Know and Vicious Circle by Mike Carey

The dead are coming back to London. No one is really sure why, but suddenly ghosts, zombies, demons, and were-creatures are popping up all over. And when you have a large supply of the monsters and spirits, there is a corresponding demand for exterminators, otherwise known as exorcists. Felix Castor is a freelance exorcist, and he's one of the best. We first meet Felix in The Devil You Know, where he is hired to exorcise a ghost that is haunting the city's archives. What should be a simple exorcism leads to more questions - why is the ghost haunting that particular spot? Why is the ghost unable to communicate clearly? Answering these questions leads Felix deeper into the seedy side of London, putting himself into physical as well as spiritual danger.

In Vicious Circle Felix is again hired with what looks to be a simple job, but it leads him into conflict with another exorcist, as well as satanists, extremely unorthodox orthodox catholics (it will make sense when you read it), and demons, oh my!

Both of these books are great at ratcheting up tension, and will keep you turning pages. Even with all of the supernatural trappings, they are essentially great thrillers, not all that spooky (although the descriptions of criminal activity are a little gritty), and with a wisecracking protagonist, what more could you ask for? Check them out and if you like them there are currently three more in Mike Carey's series.