Do You Learn Differently?

A review of That's Like Me! by Jill Lauren

Do you think school is hard? Does doing a sheet of math problems make you want to cry? It can be really frustrating when you learn differently, but don’t give up! Just ask the awesome people who share their stories in That’s Like Me! Stories about Amazing People with Learning Difficulties. What do a dancer, a race-car driver, an Antarctic explorer, a veterinarian, a trapeze artist, and an inventor all have in common? Author and Learning Specialist, Jill Lauren, found all these people who continue to achieve amazing things even though they had difficulty in school.  

That’s Like Me! was designed to educate, inspire and empower kids with learning difficulties. Indeed, kids in grades 3-9 will be especially impressed as some of the amazing people profiled in the book are still in middle and high school! The clear and colorful layout and crisp, first-person narration make this book perfect for family sharing, and a nice list of resources for kids and adults is included along with prompts to write your own success story. Check out That’s Like Me! today from your Madison Public Library and get inspired to follow your dream!