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Organization Library Cards

Obtaining an Organization Library Card

An Organization Library Card from the Madison Public Library allows your school/daycare/preschool to check out library materials for use in your classrooms. 

The organization is responsible for all materials checked out by authorized staff.

Please have a formal letter requesting an Organization Library Card prepared on your organization’s letterhead, listing the following:

  • The number of library cards you are requesting
  • If you are requesting more than one card, is there an identifying feature we can put on each card (e.g. Toddler Room?  Preschool Room #1?  Butterfly Room?)
  • The names of staff authorized to use those library cards

This letter must have the signed authorization of the head of the organization.

Should a person leave your organization and no longer be authorized to use a library card, please contact the Central Circulation Department at the Madison Public Library at 266-6357, so that your library record can be changed. 

Also, if your library card is misplaced or lost, please call Central Circulation (266-6357) to report the missing card and obtain a new one. 

Thank you!  Enjoy all the wonders a library card has to offer your organization!