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Organization Library Cards

Obtaining an Organization Library Card

An Organization Library Card from the Madison Public Library allows your after school program, preschool, daycare, or school to check out library materials for use in your classrooms. 
The organization is responsible for all materials checked out by authorized staff/users.

You will need three documents to obtain an Organization Library Card:

  1. A written request on your organization’s letterhead signed by the head of your organization--see below for additional details* (Example Letter)
  2. Your photo ID (either work or personal)
  3. An Organization Library Card application form (can be filled out at the library—does not need to be signed by your organization head)
  4. NEW! You can also submit your application online at


*Please have a formal letter requesting an Organization Library Card prepared on your organization’s letterhead, listing the following:

  • The number of library cards you are requesting
  • If you are requesting more than one card, is there an identifying feature we can put on each card (e.g. Toddler Room?  Preschool Room #1?  Butterfly Room?)
  • The names of staff authorized to use those library cards

This letter must have the signed authorization of the head of the organization.


If your Organization Library Card is misplaced or lost, please call Central Circulation (266-6357) to report the missing card right away. Organization Cards are issued for one year and can be renewed at the written and signed request of the head of your organization (again, please use organization letterhead.)

Should a person leave your organization and no longer be authorized to use an Organization Library Card, please contact the Central Circulation Department at the Madison Public Library at 266-6357, so that your library record can be updated. Maintaining an up-to-date list of authorized users is the responsibility of your organization.


Thank you!  Enjoy all the wonders a library card has to offer your organization!