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The Bubbler Maker Kit Database

Explore our maker kits below! Unless otherwise noted in the description, the kits have been sized to serve about 15 kids at one time and take up the space of one 12-gallon plastic storage bin (21 x 15 x 12 inches). 

  • Fixed Costs are the big investments, like a button maker machine, or a set of Keva Planks, that you'll reuse over and over again and won't have to repurchase. 
  • Consumable Costs are costs of items that you'll eventually have to repurchase and restock – costs that vary with how much your kit is used, such as paper, markers, glue, ink, etc.

The amount of support needed for two different age groups (5-7 and 7-12) is also identified for each kit. 

  • Green indicates the kit can be completely independently for the specified age group
  • Yellow indicates the kit requires some support for the specified age group
  • Red indicates the kit requires active support for the specified age group