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Little Kitten

Reviewed on 4/30/17

Is your child a fan of small, adorable furry animals? (Who isn’t?) Then they will love the photo-realistic kitten in this app.  Enjoy some authentic cat-like reactions (kitty LOVES to be petted!) and some …. not-so-realisitc, but hilarious actions (hint: tap on the toy ambulance!). Some of the activities in the app are activated by simply tapping on an object and seeing the reaction, other objects trigger mini-games (like a mix-and-match animal toy or getting the kitty to catch falling objects) that earn fishy-shaped treats that you can feed to kitty. There’s also an art easel which you can tap to “paint” with paw-prints or swipe to paint in strokes.  My favorite feature of the art easel is that the palette of paints that you’re given is only primary plus black and white but you can actually mix colors by tapping on them in succession (i.e. tap on the yellow then the blue if you want to paint with green). The settings options include turning off the music and sound as well as a timer for when the kitty will automatically go to sleep, so if you want to limit the amount of time that your child spends with this app, it’s easy to do so.  An utterly charming and giggle-inducing app!

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool