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Little Alchemy 1 & 2

Reviewed on 8/25/15

Starting with four basic elements (air, fire, earth, water), see what you can mix together to create new things.  Earth + Water = Mud! Fire + Earth = Lava! Water + Water = the Sea! There are 700 different items that can be created using different combinations.  How many can you find? Although the gameplay is simple (drag one icon on top of another), the hunt for a recipe with an interesting result can be quite addicting. This is a fun one for kids and adults to play together. Although some of the icons are self-explanatory, others will need a grown-up to read the word. It’s a great opportunity for conversation about predictions (what do you think will happen when you mix those together?) and results (was that what you thought would happen? Why do you think you got that result? What could you try next?). This free app is also available to play on the web, Google Play and from the Chrome app stores! (note: some combinations can result in mild drug/tobacco references)  Another note: This review was originally written for Little Alchemy and has been updated to include "Little Alchemy 2" -- both are great games, there are subtle differences, and they're both free to download, so if you like one, try them both!  Little Alchemy 2 does include an option to purchase an add-on called "Myths and Monsters" and you can also purchase extra "research points" so I've listed that link as a "freemium."  Little Alchemy 1 remains free.

Age group: Grades K-2