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Reviewed on 4/6/15

DipDap, based on a BBC show of the same name, is a hilarious little character who interacts with simple drawings. Users are invited to draw a missing object (faint outlines of the object are given, but the app uses whatever scribble the child produces) which is then dropped into a silly little animation with DipDap. The one in which DipDap mows the lawn and is subsequently chased by the lawnmower brought on repeated peals of laughter in my house. When the app is opened, users are given the choice to draw on a blank page (DipDap’s face peeks over the bottom edge of the screen and his eyes watch the movement of your fingers as they draw) OR to respond to one of DipDap’s sixteen ideas. One of the most funny and motivating drawing apps I’ve encountered.

Age group: Baby/toddler, Preschool