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Count the Animals! Lite

Reviewed on 1/29/15

Charmingly vintage-style illustrations of people interacting with animals were the hook that originally drew me to this app, but the rich palette of options in the settings menu quickly turned this app into a favorite. First of all, there are twenty-two language options to choose from! The recording that accompany each page are more than just numbers, there are often also words of encouragement, praise and instruction, so kids are getting lots of great language exposure. Second, you can choose things like whether to count up or count down as you tap on each animal, whether or not to show the numeral as it’s spoken, and whether the pages should show in random or in numerical order. One of the great things about this app is that you can touch the animals in any order and they’ll still be counted in sequence (i.e. the turtle that was #4 this time can be turtle #2 the next time, depending on which order you tap the turtles in.) You can choose to turn the sound effects and speech off as well if you’d like to encourage your kids to say the numbers themselves as they work their way through each page. The “lite” version of this app allows users to count up to five, the full version goes all the way up to 20. Be aware that a few of the more squeamish (or hilarious, depending on your sense of humor) interactions include dogs pooping and peeing (it’s rather subtle, but kids will notice!), and a person counting lice in their hair (full version only).