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The Complete Fairytale Play Theatre

Reviewed on 11/2/16

Retell your favorite fairytale or mix them all together to make completely new stories. Nosy Crow, creator of the best fairytale apps, has now combined all of them into one incredible, creativity-sparking app.  You are provided with a blank, empty stage, then you have the option of adding any background, character, object or soundtrack from any of their popular fairytale apps.  Once you've chosen all of the elements of your story, record your voice while you move the virtual "puppets" around on the stage.  Create multiple recorded scenes and then combine them together to make one long story.  This would be a great app for families to use together.  Pass it around the table while waiting for your meal at a restaurant and challenge each person to come up with a new scene to add to the story, then watch the whole thing together when it's done! Add an extra layer of silliness by not allowing anyone to watch the previous scenes before adding their own scene!  A fun way to practice the early literacy skills of sequencing and storytelling.  This app is packed with content and the creative possibilties are endless. You can also download a free version here that allows you to choose and play with only one fairytale and then buy the rest as in-app purchases (or just download the full version if you think you'll want all of the content).  Nice for a try-before-you-buy option!

Age group: Grades K-2, Grades 3-5